Option panel(Cookie at left side menu) is the backbone of Cookie. All your customizations and settings should be done via option panel. Each and every setting is categorized based on its’ own functionalities, so you can customize the settings over, all the different fields with very less time.

  • Home Settings
  • Header Settings
  • Footer Settings
  • Blog Settings
  • Portfolio Setttings
  • Slider Settings
  • 404 Error Settings
  • Social Network Links
  • Custom Coding
  • System Information
  • Demo Importer
  • Import/Export

Note: Below, we’ve shown the very few important options on the option panel.

Logo Setup

This option panel allows you to setup two logos, one is for when we are at top and another for when are not at the top. This option can be found at Cookie/Theme Options/Header Settings/Basic & Logo

You can upload the logo by simply clicking Upload button at Logo 1 & Logo 2. If you are not happy with logo you can remove the logo by clicking Remove which is next to the Upload. Once you’ve chosen the logo the link will be appeared at text field.

You can adjust the size of the logo by adding some padding at Logo Top/Bottom Padding(inner).

Font & Colors


By default, you can use three different fonts via Cookie/Theme Options/Home Settings/General. These three fonts can be used for Headings, Additional headings & body respectively. This font options have an inbuilt support of google fonts.

You can add the fonts by simply selecting the dropdown at Font 1, Font 2 & Font 3. Even you can set the letter spacing & style.


Meanwhile, you can use three different colors via Option panel. These three colors can be used for fancy underlines(accent color), headings & body respectively.

You can choose the color via color palette at Accent Color, Primary Color & Default Color. Even you can set the letter spacing & style.

Header Styles

Cookie comes with 5 awesome header layouts. You can pick anyone from the 5 different options at Header Styles. Even you can achieve different styles & layout by enabling/disabling all the header’s general options such as transparency, header icons & colors. This option can be found at Cookie/Theme Options/Header Settings/Basic & Logo

Portfolio Hover Styles

This option panel allows you to choose any of one hover style at Portfolio Hover style from the 14. Each one is unique on it’s own way. You can find this option under Cookie/Theme Options/Portfolio Settings/General.

And you can achieve even more styles by enabling/disabling the Portfolio Bottom Caption, it can be found just below the portfolio hover styles.

Note: This option will apply only when you are at Portfolio page Template. If you are using the Post & Portfolio shortcode element, you have to control these settings by editing the corresponding element.

Preloader Styles

Cookie comes with 4 different preloader and these preloaders are optional, so you can even turn off this feature if its not necessary for you. You can control this preloader settings at Cookie/Theme Options/Home Settings/Additional

You can control the color of the preloader as per your wish by changing the Loader Color via color palette.

Preloader with Percentage

The first preloader style will track/calculate the exact loading percentage of the site and will display it to you. And also this option allows you to display a small button once everything gets loaded. So only after you trigger the button the site content will be shown to you.

System Info

Cookie will show the small system status(information) such as currently active theme, active plugins, wordpress environment and php configurations. It will really be helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot the issues. This system information is available at Cookie/System Information

Php Configurations

This PHP configuration details will help you to modify php.ini information as per the theme’s requirements. You can find more information about the php.ini HERE

404 Error Page

You can modify your 404 page content at Cookie/Theme Options/404 Error Page. This option includes the following,

  • 404 title
  • 404 description
  • Search box

This 404 content will be displayed on the following scenarios, when the user typed the incorrect link & when the links are outdated/not live at present.

Custom Coding

In some occasions, you may want to add your own css styles & scripts to your page/site. So that cookie includes the option to add the custom codes. You can add your custom codes at Cookie/Theme Options/Custom coding

CSS Code

This is an ACE editor and automatically validates css code, also it highlights the selectors & styles with unique color code for easy use. For reference, a simple example of css style is included in the editor. You can add your code below to the existing css.

JS Code

This also is an ACE editor but it validates js code. you should place your jquery scripts inside the ready function.


Once, you have set up everything properly, you can export the settings as a backup for future reusability. You can do this by Download Data File/Copy Data/Copy Export URL at Cookie/Theme Options/Import & Export.

Above exported contents can be imported again via the same option panel. If you have a data as a file(Download Data File) or copied from another option panel(Copy data) you can use the Import From File option to import properly or if you have exported the data as a url(Copy Export URL) you can choose Import From URL. Once you have the contents added, click Import.