Page Creation

Pages are the most important and necessary feature of WordPress. You can create a page by simply clicking Pages/Add New. To enhance basic/limited functionalities of the pages, cookie includes some additional options to customize the layout. So each page contains a Page Options which includes a following,

  • Fullwidth – Its a checkbox and allows you to use the fullwidth(100%) of the screen.
  • Remove Title & Remove Margin – Those checkboxes remove the title & margins(top & bottom) respectively.
  • Transparent Header – Its an another checkbox which sets only your header’s background to transparent when you are at the top.
  • Reverse Header Skin – Sometimes we may need to use dark background with lite text or vice-versa for the corresponding page alone. So this checkbox reverse the header skin tone which is set globally via Option Panel.
  • Agni Sliders List – It allows you to include the Agni Sliders which you have created at Agni Slider menu
Creating a Page with Page Builder

Step 1 – Go to Pages/Add New.

Step 2 – Enter your Page title.

Step 3 – Switch to Backend editor from the Classic mode and click Add Element and add any of the elements from the list.

Step 4 – Click Edit Row which can be found at top right of the backend editor.

Step 5 – Then add your row ID & class name and Save Changes.

More details about the page builder(backend editor) will be explained in upcoming CHAPTERS

Page Header

Creating a Page Header

You can add a header for every page, post and portfolio which you have created.  To create Page header you have to fill atleast the background image/background color at Page Header Options. This page header options can be found at the bottom of each page/post/portfolio/product’s editor.

  • Height* – You can set the fullwidth or fixed height to the header.
  • Fullwidth – It stretches the content to the 100%.
  • Background Choice* – You can choose any image/color to the background. Background image will be soft crapped automatically to fit inside the header.
  • Parallax Values – Parallax starting value applies when the element’s top at the top of the screen. Parallax end value applies when the element’s bottom at the top of the screen.
  • Title Rotator – Its a unique feature made for this theme. It will display the sequence of given value(title) one by one with animation.
  • Title, Description & Button – These fields allow us to display title, description and a simple button.
  • Alignment – It helps you to align the content both horizontally & vertically.
  • Padding – In some occasions (mostly when you are choosing vertical alignment to the top/bottom), you may need to add some space at below/above the content.
  • Navigation Links – It enables the breadcrumb to display inside the header.

* – fields can not be left empty.

Page with Agni Slider

Though, this theme has an awesome revolution slider, sometimes we may need simple and pre-formatted slider yet unique and beautiful, so that our theme Cookie has powered by its own & unique slider called Agni Slider. Follow these below steps to create Agni Slider.

Creating a Agni Slider

Step 1 – Go to Agni Slider/Add New Slide.

Step 2 – Enter your Slider title.

Step 3 – Choose your desired slider from the Slider Choice.

Step 4 – Fill the necessary details and click Add another slide to create an another slide.

Step 5 – Click Publish to save the slider.

A short video tutorial to create a page with agni slider

Page Attributes

Page Attributes contains 3 metaboxes( parent, template & order ) and can be located at the right middle of the page editor. These 3 fields allow you to setup basic behaviour of the page. We will discuss in detail about the Template field below.


Cookie includes two page templates named.

  1. Portfolio – This template will act like a latest posts page. Basically, it will display all the portfolio items which are created under Portfolio menu. And you can control the items’ display behaviour at the option panel (Cookie/Theme Options/Portfolio Settings).
  2. Coming Soon – This template will help you to display the content when the page is under construction. It generally removes the menu.

Posttype Options


Whenever our contents are subjected to change dynamically, we will use post, normally it will be the blog post or news feed. To create post, go to Posts/Add new. Obviously, Post has title, editor, publish time. Apart from that, WordPress allows us to set category, tag, post format, thumbnail & meta box for every post.

All features described above are common to all WordPress themes but Cookie is spcialized with some unique features. They are,

  1. Post format options.
  2. Post options.
Post Format Options

You can control the post individually based on the nature of the post. This theme supports post format. So it has individual meta boxes for audio, video, gallery, link & quote posts.

For ex. If you want to create a video post, you can check Video in post format panel (left side middle) and fill meta boxes information in Video Post Options at the bottom of post page.

Post Options

Post Option includes the following metaboxes

  • Fullwidth – It makes the width of the post to 100%. And it will be useful when you are using page builder elements inside post.
  • Sidebar – it allows you to choose how your sidebar can be displayed in post.


Portfolio is a custom posttype and especially made for Cookie theme. It has the basic post functionalities such as title, editor, publish time and category. To create new portfolio item go to Portfolio/Add New. Like Posts, it has Portfolio Options instead of post options. Portfolio Options includes the following metabox.

  • Portfolio Thumbnail width –  It will allow you to set the size for individual portfolio item’s thumbnail on every portfolio page.


Clients is a custom posttype and it doesn’t have the basic post functionalities rather it has below listed fields to show the basic details of client. To create client post, go to Clients/Add New Client.

  • Image – You can upload your own image to this field to show the client logo
  • Link for Image – It helps you to attach any link which is related to the client logo.

Team Members

Team Members is a custom posttype and it doesn’t have the basic post functionalities rather it has below listed fields to show the basic details of members. To create team post, go to Team Members/Add New Member.

  • Image/Photo – You can upload your own image to this field to show the member photo.
  • Name – Its a small text field and you can enter your member’s name here.
  • Link for Name – It helps you to attach link which is related to the member. Generally, it can be a member’s profile link.
  • Designation – Its an another text field to display the member’s designation.
  • Social Icons – This field will accept the links and those links will be attached to the respective social icons.


Testimonials is a custom posttype and it doesn’t have the basic post functionalities rather it has below listed fields to show the basic details of client. To create testimonial post, go to Testimonials/Add New Testimonial.

  • Avatar of author – You can upload your own image to this field to show the testimonial author’s avatar.
  • Testimonial Text – Its a large text field that allows us to show texts such as quotes, comments, sayings.
  • Author Name -Its a small text field and you can enter your author’s name.
  • Author Designation – Its an another text field to display the author’s designation.

You can display the all clients, members, testimonials to the page via the page builder’s shortcode element.