Importing Demo content

To make your site building process quick and simple, fortun allows you to install the demo content. And this process can be done by a single click. This process will import following things

All posts, portfolio, pages, team, clients, testimonials, Agni Sliders, products(if woocommerce installed).
Navigation Menus.
Theme Options.
Contact Forms.
Mailchimp subscriber Form.
Sliders (revolution slider).

One Click Install

Step 1 – Go to Fortun/Demo Importer.

Step 2 – Click “Import Demo” on your desired demos

Short video tutorial to install theme & import demo contents.

Classic Import Method
To import Demo content

Fortun also includes Demo content as an xml files for classic importer. In case, you don’t want to import any of the images, you can follow this classic import method instead.

  1. Go to Tools -> import. Then choose the WordPress at the end. Once WordPress Importer installed & activated automatically, it will ask to Run Importer.
  2. Now, locate the demo xml file (content.xml) at your desired demo.
  3. Choose your attachment & login preference.
  4. Click Import.
To import Theme Options' Settings

Meanwhile, you’ve to import theme settings to achieve exact same look of the demo.

  1. Locate & Open the theme_options.txt file at Theme package’s Demo Content folder and copy the whole data.
  2. Go to Fortun/Theme Options/Import & Export.
  3. Now, paste the data in Import Data and click import.
Last updated by thirumani02 on March 2, 2017