Page Creation

Pages are the most important and necessary feature of WordPress. You can create a page by simply clicking Pages/Add New. To enhance basic/limited functionalities of the pages, fortun includes some additional options to customize the layout. So each page contains a Page Options which includes a following,

  • Fullwidth – Its a checkbox and allows you to use the fullwidth(100%) of the screen.
  • Remove Title & Remove Margin – Those checkboxes remove the title & margins(top & bottom) respectively.
  • Transparent Header – Its an another checkbox which sets only your header’s background to transparent when you are at the top.
  • Reverse Header Skin – Sometimes we may need to use dark background with lite text or vice-versa for the corresponding page alone. So this checkbox reverse the header skin tone which is set globally via Option Panel.
  • Agni Sliders List – It allows you to include the Agni Sliders which you have created at Agni Slider menu
Creating a Page with Page Builder

Step 1 – Go to Pages/Add New.

Step 2 – Enter your Page title.

Step 3 – Switch to Backend editor from the Classic mode and click Add Element and add any of the elements from the list.

Step 4 – Click Edit Row which can be found at top right of the backend editor.

Step 5 – Then add your row ID & class name and Save Changes.

More details about the page builder(backend editor) will be explained in upcoming CHAPTERS

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