Page Header

Creating a Page Header

You can add a header for every page, post and portfolio which you have created.  To create Page header you have to fill atleast the background image/background color at Page Header Options. This page header options can be found at the bottom of each page/post/portfolio/product’s editor.

  • Height* – You can set the fullwidth or fixed height to the header.
  • Fullwidth – It stretches the content to the 100%.
  • Background Choice* – You can choose any image/color to the background. Background image will be soft crapped automatically to fit inside the header.
  • Parallax Values – Parallax starting value applies when the element’s top at the top of the screen. Parallax end value applies when the element’s bottom at the top of the screen.
  • Title Rotator – Its a unique feature made for this theme. It will display the sequence of given value(title) one by one with animation.
  • Title, Description & Button – These fields allow us to display title, description and a simple button.
  • Alignment – It helps you to align the content both horizontally & vertically.
  • Padding – In some occasions (mostly when you are choosing vertical alignment to the top/bottom), you may need to add some space at below/above the content.
  • Navigation Links – It enables the breadcrumb to display inside the header.

* – fields can not be left empty.

Last updated by thirumani02 on February 4, 2017