Theme Update

Info: All your existing settings/content will not be deleted during/after Update.

Automatic Update

– To keep you updated with the theme, you should activate the Envato Market plugin which is bundled with the theme.
– Once you’ve activated the theme, you can find the new menu named Envato Market at your left side.
– To get an update, you have to generate key using the link on the Envato Market page.

Manual Update(To update the theme without plugin)

Step 1 – Download the latest version of theme from the Downloads page.

Step 2 – Go to Appearance/Themes and deactivate and delete the current theme(fortun).

Step 2 – Now, install the new theme again.

Step 3 – Verify that all the Required/Recommended plugins are up to date via Fortun/Install Plugins.

Note: if you can’t able to see Install Plugins under the Fortun menu means all your plugins are up to date.

Last updated by thirumani02 on May 13, 2020