Upload Custom & TypeKit fonts

Fortun is developed with unique tools to add web fonts & typekit fonts. Google fonts also are supported.

Custom Fonts

Adding custom fonts was never been easier. But now, we change the story. you can add any of your desired webfont with only 2 step.

  1. Drag & Drop your converted web font files to choose files at Fortun/Custom Fonts.
  2. Enter your desire name for the font and click submit.

You can also generate webfonts from your desktop fonts using this link https://www.web-font-generator.com/ Be sure, you’ve a proper license to do this conversion.

Short tutorial to add custom fonts to your website.

Note: If you’re using WordPress 4.7.1 or 4.7.2 you may face this security issue “This file type is not allowed for security reasons.” while uploading font files. just install & activate this plugin to overcome this issue https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-real-mime-check/

Download Fonts here Demo 2 Demo 6 Demo 17

Typekit Fonts

Fortun also supports world’s most reputed font library Adobe Typekit. Anyone who registered at Typekit can use free & premium fonts from their library by creating kits.

They provide step by step guide to create a kit here https://helpx.adobe.com/typekit/using/add-fonts-website.html

Once you’ve created a kit, you can find your kit id at embed code. All you need to do is, just paste that kit to Fortun/Typekit Fonts.

Last updated by thirumani02 on March 24, 2017